Branding Design for SaaS companies 

My take noticing a branding aspect (often overlooked) on some Software as a service [SaaS] and alike Tech companies When it comes to tech industries we really can enjoy software products, plugins, applications…

Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly C.

How many times we have heard the word “flow”? to describe this bliss state where creativity flows abundantly. In Flow – The Psychology of optimal experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi he goes in depth about this well being state that increases productivity because whenever we are there, nothing else matter, concentration it is at its prime. 

Simplified User Experience (UX) Design

For a recently coined term, and by recently I mean early 90’s, it is nowadays when we are getting more familiarity with it and what it means. Inherently the term it is quite simple, it conveys the idea that there is a byproduct of the user interacting with a digital platform, it creates a so called experience and such should be the most efficient leading to the completion of the desired result/use(s).