Utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) plugin to Facilitate Learning Experiences

The congregation and collaboration of several institutions and organization came together to create a transitionary course for students graduating high school and embarking on their post-secondary education in British Columbia. Transition Into Post-Secondary Studies (T.I.P.S.) Course it is a 9 chapter manual containing all the points to consider ahead of time when considering this important transition for students that are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind.

When considering a Learning Management System for a project some crucial elements to consider are the ones that will have the most longevity in our site. For example: The type of content (dynamic, media, images, interactive), the audiences to be active users, resources for professors, for editors, integrations, the evaluation methods and the data we will obtain from such.

LearnDash it is a LMS plugin that it is intuitive, it can be customized easily and does have capabilities to hold entire and complex academic courses. For the data we obtain, it is easy to categorize the groups of cohorts, institutions or dates of people who take courses, lessons and sections of each. It also offers a curated library of resources Learn Dash Academy, everything from installing to customization.

There are several plugins that can be used along with LearnDash although not necessary to run your courses from the plugin itself without them. Working with this LMS was a breeze in comparison to some university established LMS’s that were limited on customization.

Check this review from Blog Marketing Academy (please note I am not affiliated to any of the companies mentioned here) I enjoy sharing a plugin that I have used 3 years ago and it stills does not disappoint with its new versions and overall usability.