Academic Communication Equity British Columbia, ACE-BC

Inclusive Learning Through Equitable Access

ACE-BC (previously named PCAS Post-secondary Communication Access Services) a provincial organization with over 20 years of supporting services that allow equal communication access for higher education students who are Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind.

As a project manager and creative lead, I have worked on the creation of wireframes, UX design, composition layouts, new branding identity, stationary, video, social media, marketing strategies as well as coordinating writers, a developer agency and internal support such as training and management of project management applications.

Services: Creative Lead, Project Management, Design

ACE-BC’s brand identity components are inspired in the three main collaboration groups that make the organization as a whole: Service Providers, Program Coordinators, Faculty, Staff and Students in the Post-Secondary sector in the province of British Columbia. As well as to resemble success, acing and striving for better communication equity in the educative sector.