British Columbia Securities Commission, BCSC

The British Columbia Securities Commission is the independent provincial government agency that enforces BC’s Securities Act, which regulates how businesses raise money and how securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, are bought and sold.
I was responsible for publishing content and graphics to The British Columbia Securities Commission – BCSC, websites (internal platform, and both public sites) supporting media and design requests for all departments.

Services: Art Direction, Graphics, Print, Digital Media
Website (Non-Profit):

(Before and After) In my time working at the commission, I proposed to change several elements that will enhance our User Experience aside from our “Home Page”. We changed secondary pages, heavy content pages such as our “Resources Page” and how we displayed our featured articles/tools.

Print and Digital campaign to promote education about fraud awareness. Brochure (above) and “Fraud Awareness Course”. Other examples of campaigns: “Enforcement and Investor Protection Campaign”, annual reports such as “British Columbia Capital Report 2018” and our award winning campaign “Know About Fees”.

In charge of overall online and print presence, branding, maintain links and graphics across BCSC websites, assist in testing (collaborating with the IT team), diagnosing troubleshooting problems with websites and web applications, participate in BCSC web development and design landing pages, such as our website redesign creation of newsletters, social imagery according to topics and current strategies.