Neitra Body Botanicals

Handcrafted Food For Your Skin

Neitra Body Botanicals, astonishing local product skincare line from Vancouver BC. Made out of the best ingredients for your skin handcrafted from real-natural, organic ingredients (this can almost be eaten) with responsible packaging, refillable options and all without artificial nonsense.

Services: Art Direction, Graphics, Print

Neitra Body Botanicals’ logo it is inspired in frequency energies found in nature and its nourishment properties. Conscious to leave a smaller footprint on our planet supporting sustainable and healthy lifestyles. Project includes brand identity re-design, logo, website, social media, packaging, labels and additional print/digital advertising.

“We know from our own experience that every second you give to yourself, is quality time.  In the end, Neitra is a reflection of how we see the world and how we want to be in it.  We believe in Nature.  We believe in Art.  We believe in Science. We believe that blending them all with Love helps reveal a more beautiful YOU.” [Excerpt from company’s “About Us” story]