Viva Latino Market

Gourmet foods and personal care products, all sourced from Latin American origins available online in the US.

Services: Branding, Website, Photography, Design

Viva Latino Market’s mission it is to bring online the best quality latino origin products available. VLM’s particular branding message acknowledges the important role of food, snack sharing, culture and traditions’ celebration. Viva Latino Market it is an online store that showcases several delicious and already loved brands for anyone who it is far away from home, looking for healthier alternatives, for someone craving particular snacks and/or for any curious-enthusiastic that would like to try something new.

For this project I considered my clients’ vision, the vividness of the latin american culture, its richness and flavours. From its origins, name, mission, Viva Latino Market branding provides the experience of visiting a colorful, curated market online providing users with products that are deliciously picked for food enthusiasts looking for healthy but also tasty products.

“We are extra grateful and happy for the finesse in all the creative and functional aspects of our website and our brand, Viva Latino Market it is a dream that became alive, all the stages from ideation-to launch-to future growth were considered.“

Amparo Moran Viva Latino Market Co-founder