Kuzco Lighting

Wholesale Contemporary LED Lighting Fixtures

KUZCO Lighting a leading in contemporary LED lighting fixtures.It carries trendsetting lighting design to revive urban, commercial and residential living spaces.
Part of my responsibilities as a designer included: Instructing and guiding other designers, directing and assisting photo shoots, photo editing, ideation and creation of stationary, print, media, doing updates for the company’s website while effectively communicate with diverse departments in the company locally and over seas.

Services: Art Direction, Graphics, Print, Digital Media

Marketing Deliverables

From seasonal catalogues, technical drawings, logistic labels, packaging, exhibition booths, to store modular displays, all Kuzco Lighting marketing deliverables were extensive curated collections.

(Top)Lifestyle image created for the “Eclipse” collection. In the two years I worked for the company, I was responsible to direct catalogues’ product photography, edit, conceptual creation of lifestyle imagery, collaborate along with owner, engineers, sales, and marketing department, proofread, promote and upload to our site. Here a link showcasing examples of seasonal and annual kuzco lighting catalogues.

(Top Left)Print concept invitation for BDNY. As an active participant in the industry we were participants in several expos including: Dallas Market Center, LFI Lightfair International, and BDWest, all part of just few grand events whom showcase the most innovative and competent brands in the hospitality field of lighting and interior design.

(Below right) Ad Participations from Enlightment Magazine: Our “All-terior” collection, versatile fixtures that work in both indoor and outdoor environments, magazine issue June 2016, p55 . Outdoor Collection for January 2017, “Zodiac” designed by Frederick Cohen; magazine issue February 2017 – Outdoor p31

Growth from Analysis

Responsible for improving the layouts and formats of print and digital materials, adding specifications, technical drawings, new features, colour finishes.

As a result of collaborating with our customer service department amongst sales and logistics, I addressed and added several details that showcased and clarify any lighting fixtures’ specifications before purchase, avoiding repeated calls and messages from our sales representatives as well as our overall clientele. Included the product profile view, measurements and technical drawings in the catalogues themselves eliminating the need of individual technical drawing sheets/.pdf’s.

“Dominguez is a very personable professional who researches and care for all details possible in order to deliver the best and most suitable design and marketing deliverables.”

David Gran Sales Manager, Kuzco Lighting (2017)