Kuzco Lighting

KUZCO Lighting a leading in contemporary LED lighting fixtures.It carries trendsetting lighting design to revive urban, commercial and residential living spaces.
Part of my responsibilities as a designer included: Instructing and guiding other designers, directing and assisting photo shoots, photo editing, ideation and creation of stationary, print, media, doing updates for the company’s website while effectively communicate with diverse departments in the company locally and over seas.

Estoria Productions

A boutique video production company based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in storytelling with the focus on people in the art of mini documentaries. I was hired as a designer to transform Estoria’s brand identity.

British Columbia Securities Commission, BCSC

The British Columbia Securities Commission is the independent provincial government agency that enforces BC’s Securities Act, which regulates how businesses raise money and how securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, are bought and sold.
I was responsible for publishing content and graphics to The British Columbia Securities Commission – BCSC, websites (internal platform, and both public sites) supporting media and design requests for all departments.

Academic Communication Equity British Columbia, ACE-BC

ACE-BC (previously named PCAS Post-secondary Communication Access Services) a provincial organization with over 20 years of supporting services that allow equal communication access for higher education students who are Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind.

As a project manager and creative lead, I have worked on the creation of wireframes, UX design, composition layouts, new branding identity, stationary, video, social media, marketing strategies as well as coordinating writers, a developer agency and internal support such as training and management of project management applications.

Neitra Body Botanicals

Neitra Body Botanicals, astonishing local product skincare line from Vancouver BC. Made out of the best ingredients for your skin handcrafted from real-natural, organic ingredients (this can almost be eaten) with responsible packaging, refillable options and all without artificial nonsense.