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A taste for Design was developed at an early age along with a multifaceted personality that gets involved for the different hats Visual Designers must convey and wear nicely. I enjoy being a designer and applying it to all different aspects of my life whether I am sketching, finding inspiration or re-organizing information.

Design is everywhere we turn, from the beam above us (architectural design) to the font and height of the street signs we explored (wayfinding) along with the cup from which we drank our beverage this morning (branding identity)


For this reason, Design has become a devotion to me, whether to embrace it, but most importantly, How? Web and User Interface Design moves forward in digital, closer to a tangible experience that still preserves our communal interplay.


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAFrom Left to Right:Nomad acalling mobile app for travellers in need of phone cards,Self-defensermobile application silence-emergency activator/caller and lastly one of many meeting-notes. My motto: “being progressive as I change, then I evolve”, applies in keeping up with today’s tech fast environment including latest Adobe Creative Suite Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and now applying Xcode, HTML, CSS to move forward into Digital Media Design. I currently live in Vancouver, BC; walking around and getting inspired by this beautiful place that combines an array of culture and beautiful landscapes.


Feel free to contact me on any issue regarding my work, an art collaboration or a great topic to share. Thank you in advance for your time...

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