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Digital & Graphic Designer specialized in print advertising + user focused interfaces.

Hello Design World!

I am a dynamic and detail-oriented professional who uses communication and customer relationship skills to conceptualize and produce effective design solutions digital mediums.

My name is Lidia and I am a creator.
 Tangible and digital interaction intrigues me, this explains why I am a curious researcher also a skill full crafter.

I double majored in both, Design and Massive Communications fields (BFA), years later I specialized on interactive media at ECUAD.

Experiential learning and collaborating with diverse teams, professionals and clients allowed me to understand, discover, conceptualize and deliver highly usable, aesthetically attractive websites, branding identities, vehicle advertising, billboards, pixel-perfect visuals, photo-manipulation, colour correction – editing for product photography, SEO, best practices and any type of marketing deliverables.

Each project tells a unique story...

“Design it is not what I do, it is who I am” April Greinman.


  • S Lidia Dominguez

    S Lidia Dominguez

    Graphic and Digital Media Specialist


    _identity_iconColour palettes, typefaces, logotypes and layouts will contribute to a highlight identity throughout a competitive market.


    illustrate_iconSpecific vector-based representations: sketching, drawing, painting, mixed media depiction and corrections.


    web_icon_wpWeb design considers page layout, fonts and important structural elements such as SEO and Communication Design.


    polaroid_iconCreative compositions exploring shapes, tones and textures along with Commercial and Documentary photography including photo-manipulation colour-correction and any editing.


    35ux_icon_wpPlanning layout of information and “flow” of service (information architecture) understanding user sets and designing the interface or overall visual system.


    sm_icon_wpStrategic building of relationships adapting tailored technology for user communication and interaction is key part of Social media management, all cater and speak to a specific audience.

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A taste for Design was developed at an early age along with a multifaceted personality that gets involved for the different hats Visual Designers must convey and wear nicely. I enjoy being a designer and applying it to all different aspects of my life whether I am sketching, finding inspiration or re-organizing information.



Feel free to contact me on any issue regarding my work, an art collaboration or a great topic to share. Thank you in advance for your time...

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